This was one of the strangest walks I took while I was in Tokyo. While I was on the bridge taking photos an earthquake started to happen. At first I didn’t know what was happening, I just thought that the traffic below was shaking the bridge. When I got back to my apartment later that night, I saw on the news that there was an earthquake that day. Later that day, I was walking through Roppongi taking photos. These cops that were walking across the street from me, crossed the street and stopped me. They asked me if they could search my bag, and I said what if I say no. One of the officers replied we will search it at the station. So I let them search my bag, and I asked them what are they searching for and one of the officers replied for anything illegal. Thats why I will never walk around with weed on me in Tokyo, and I will advise anyone visiting Tokyo don’t carry drugs on you. ;-)


Enzo Cole