Ghent was a random city that I visited, I usually do that from time to time. I was staying in Antwerp for a couple of weeks, and I felt like I needed to change the scenery. My friends mother was passing by Ghent and she agreed to drop me off. One of the great about Ghent is it is one of those cities that you can walk around in a day, and it has great architecture that wasn’t destroyed during WWII. My friends mother dropped me off at the main bus station around 9:00 am. I didn’t have a map or any sense of where I was going, I usually let my feet and eyes give the directions and that’s what I did. I started off rough because I walked up this hill that took forever, but when I finally got to the top it was nice, I saw a cool little restaurant and decided to have a tea and something to eat there. After that it was down a hill to go see the city center. On my way there I passed by a lot of clothing stores. I stopped and perused a couple of the stores walking and a couple of them had some concept for the retail space and carried some cool brands. After leaving the center I found myself in an area that had a carnival. The carnival was pretty large for the area it was in, I played a couple of games and ate some of the street food there. I was feeling kinda thirsty from my long day, and I decided to go to a bar to get something to drink. After a couple of drinks at the bar the girl behind the bar asked me was I visiting Ghent. I replied yea and that I was only here for the day. She told me that there is a real cool party going on that night and I should check it out. I told her that I couldn’t make it because I had to catch the last train to head back to Antwerp. She said I could stay at her place for the night, she called her roommate and told her to leave the door unlocked for me. She gave me her address and I walked to her flat. Her roommate was pretty chill, we smoked weed and listened to records until her Sara came home. We didn’t end up at the club we just stayed at their placed made dinner and watched movies. I had a really good time ;-)


Enzo Cole