Fez is a city in Morocco that is known for the leather tanning and dye baths, and someone that is somewhat in the fashion business it was a place that I felt like I needed to go to. Plus, I had to escape from the craziness going on in Casablanca. On the train ride there, I met a man that told me that his son was going to start working at an investment firm in San Francisco. I told him that I knew some people there, and he called his son so he could speak to me. They both seemed nice, and the son Ahmed said he wanted to meet to ask me some questions about living in The United States. I didn’t really have any plans in Fez except to go to the dye baths and I could do that anytime I was there. So, I said yes and he said he would arrange for a driver to pick me up from the train station and pick me up later once he was finished with the work. When I arrived to the train station I saw a guy with a sign with my name on it, and I walked up to him and introduced myself. We went to his car and he took me to my hotel. He helped with my bags and everything. Later that day I received a call from Ahmed and he said he was free around 18:00 to meet. He told me that the driver will pick me up from my hotel. Shortly after the driver dropped me off to meet Ahmed. Ahmed was nice a tall guy clean shaving with a crew cut. He worked out, and he wanted you to know by the tight shirt he was wearing. We got in his car and he started driving around Fez. It’s not that big of a city so the drive wasn’t that long we arrived at his house 15 minutes later. His family home was pretty large it was a three level home with 5 cars and a motorcycle in the drive way. The inside of the home had marble floors and the ceilings had Moroccan ornate covering it. I was introduced to his mother which I only saw here once when she introduced herself to me. She told the the maid to bring us some nuts and tea. We hung out at his house for a little bit and went to a burger and pizza restaurant for dinner. He dropped me off at my hotel and he said he would meet me tomorrow to take me to a carpet store that he owned.

The next day he picked me up and we drove to the carpet placed that his family owned. When I got there they offered me some tea, and begin to show me different types of carpets. There was some really nice carpets there, but I was interested in buying any carpets. Later they showed me a room where a lady works on weaving the carpet for around 6 months or longer depending on the design. I was intrigued by the attention to detail and patients that it took to make one of these carpets, but still I wasn’t interested in buying one. I walked down to the main showroom, and I saw Ahmed and told him that I was getting ready to go soon and thanked him for the tour. He asked me if I was going to buy a carpet and I told him no, and that I was only in Fez to look at leather and the dye baths. Then he started to have a real bad attitude and said he wasted his time showing me around. I told him that I never said I was interested in buying any carpets. I asked him could he point to me on the map how to get to a certain place in the Medina of Fez. He said he didn’t know and told me to figure it out. So the Medina in Fez has 9,000 streets and about 40,000 dead ends so I had a pretty tough time trying to find where I was going. After two hours I finally got to where I was going. I text Ahmed later that day and he never replied lol.


Enzo Cole