This entry won’t be very long, it’s just my dedication to Montmartre. I really love the energy of Montmartre, and I really enjoyed my time here. I stayed in Montmartre for about 4 months, waking up everyday taking a walk and having breakfast at my favorite bakery. I would purchase a piece of bread with pieces of bacon throughout, or a blueberry or raspberry muffin. I also enjoyed walking around Sacré-Cœur there are some really cool bars that I would frequently go to. Many nights I would stay at the bar writing and drinking absinthe until 3 am. I was cool with some of the guys that work at the bar, that we would stay after closing playing PS4. Walking around drunk going into strip clubs and leaving 10 minutes later, because there wasn’t any good looking girls working. My favorite nights was Thursday when I would go to a restaurant named Autour de Midi, and go to the jazz cave and sing scat with a band. Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed.



Enzo Cole